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Did you know that therapeutic interventions are most effective when provided earlier in life rather than later. Per the CDC, the connections in a baby’s brain are most adaptable in the first three years of life. These connections, also called neural circuits, are the foundation for learning, behavior, and health. Over time, these connections become harder to change.1

“The earlier developmental delays are detected and intervention begins, the greater the chance a young child has of achieving his or her best potential.”  Georgia pediatrician

This is why Therapy World provides FREE developmental screenings to families in our clinic and local daycares. The Ready, Set, Screen program aims to assist families with identifying if their child is showing true signs of developmental delays and initiate services early to prevent challenges in learning new skills that will impact their success in school and life.

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We are Early Intervention Therapy Providers

Therapy World is a Mecklenburg, Forsythe, Cabarrus, and Cape Fear County Children’s Developmental Services Agency of the North Carolina’s Early Intervention Program, AND South Carolina’s BabyNet Program provider. Through these programs, Therapy World helps children from birth to age three, who have developmental delays or who are at risk for problems with their development, to grow and learn to the best of their potential using coaching strategies within every child’s natural learning environment.

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