Sensory Social Groups

What is Sensory Social Groups?

Our Sensory Social Group Classes are intended to place an emphasis on language stimulation, socialization, sensory awareness, and motor development through nurturing and child-led play. Our 60-minute small group classes are guided by developmental specialist that will coach, mentor, and collaborate with parents and caregivers on how to use simple play-based strategies, with their young children, to promote essential developmental skills. Classes are divided by age and target age-appropriate developmental milestones. Come join us on all the sensory fun! 

Group Classes

Little Wonders 
Age: 6 months – 12 months

Developmental specialists use a stimulating environment to provide babies the opportunity to explore using the fundamentals of movement and early communication. Parents and caregivers will be taught safe sensory play while encouraging vocalization, combination of vowel sounds, use of gestures, imitation and social connection with others. 

Tiny Tots
Age: 12 months – 18 months

Developmental specialists encourage toddlers to further their connection with their surrounding by socializing with caregivers and peers in a natural learning environment. Parents and caregivers will be taught how to stimulate core vocabulary words including nouns and verbs, engage in symbolic play, and follow simple directions.